What We Do

Koli-Lõks provides information about who is sending bulk or transactional email to whom. We track email to email addresses around the world, and can therefore tell you a great deal about the bulk email that a particular IP address or domain is sending, or the bulk email that is sent on behalf of a particular domain.

We specialize in providing this information to:

Our products are still under development, so we offer them on a limited basis only. When they are more widely available, information about them will be available here.

Company Information

Koli-Lõks OÜ is a limited company registered in Estonia.

Legal Details

Registration Number: 12815457
VAT ID: EE101811635

Postal Address

Koli-Lõks OÜ
Toompuiestee 11/2
10142 Tallinn

Telephone, (Signal welcome) & E-Mail

Telephone: +372 5883 4269 (Signal)
E-Mail: uldine@koliloks.eu